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Yannick Martin
Chairman of the Board, EBS Symposium

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“With their structured event consulting approach mingle.cloud helped us to setup the overall event structure according to our goals, to avoid typical pitfalls of virtual events and to go through the entire preparation process.”

Ensure vivid interactions between attendees

Especially when going online, you have to create a conference where attendees can interact with each other and expand their network without any effort.

Engage your audience by using interactive features

Encourage live interactions with an engaging conference programme

Make it easy for attendees to interact and network

Drive real results for your conference sponsors

Ensure that your sponsors and partners generate visibility throughout the conference. You should measure and prove a positive ROI for your customers.

Create dedicated and interactive sponsor areas

Measure results based on the KPIs that are relevant for you and your sponsors

Ensure a great look and feel that is tailored to your brand identity

Produce a best-in-class online conference

When going online, usability and ease of use are key. Make sure to use a virtual conference platform that makes the experience for every participant seamless and easy.

Create a professional online conference that reflects your brand identity

Make the entire conference experience seamless for participants

Use an intuitive virtual conference platform that guarantees a successful conference

How we make your online conference a success

mingle.cloud offers a unique approach that combines our state-of-the-art virtual conference platform with individual event consulting.

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Our virtual conference platform

Customised conference platform

We customise the platform to meet the look and feel of your brand and corporate identity

Live interaction

Enable your audience to participate with Q&A, chats, polling and many more

Interactive sponsor areas

Sponsors have their own areas to present themselves, interact with attendees and generate leads

Networking & matchmaking

A wide range of networking features make your conference a great experience for your participants

Easy-to-use interface

Attendees love using mingle.cloud – it is intuitive and easy

Insightful analytics

Our analytics suite generates a comprehensive KPI set of your event

How does virtual & hybrid conference consulting work?

1Conference planning

It is a missed opportunity to translate physical conferences 1:1 to the virtual environment. Our consultants will help you find the best event setup and most relevant features.

2Conference preparation

Our consultants know all common pitfalls and guide you through the process with checklists and documentation.

3Conference execution

Our event consultants and the technical support team make sure that your hybrid or virtual conference is executed smoothly.

Host your virtual or hybrid conference with mingle.cloud

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mingle.cloud stands for innovative tools that enable networking and interaction in virtual space. Our service and platform allow you to let your partners, participants, speakers or leads mingle in the most effective ways and to provide the best virtual and hybrid conference experience.

The platform technology of mingle.cloud offers ready-to-go or customised software solutions 100% tailored to individual needs. mingle.cloud also provides consulting services for the conception and design of virtual and hybrid events.